GUNS, KNIVES, NOW CARS? London Mayor Seeks to ‘BAN CARS’ to Stop Terror Attacks

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.17.18

London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiled his plan to help stem the prevalence of vehicular terror attacks throughout the UK capital Friday; announcing his proposal to “ban cars” in certain areas to help save pedestrians and bicyclists from future assaults.

According to Politico, Khan wants to “ban cars” from Parliament Square and other tourist hotspots throughout the city. Three people were injured outside Parliament Thursday after a man intentionally drove his vehicle into a group of bicyclists.

“I think there would be lots of challenges if we would do the whole square. It is a thoroughfare for cars, vehicles and commercial deliveries going through London,” Khan told the BBC. “So it’s possible to have a designed solution … in keeping our buildings and people as safe as we can do. And also not losing what is so wonderful about our city that is a vibrant democracy, people can walk around safely.”

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