GROSS INCOMPETENCE: Blinken Says He ‘Doesn’t Know’ if Drone Strike Killed Terrorist or Aid Worker

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.16.21

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was grilled by Sen. Rand Paul at the US Capitol Tuesday over recent claims the Biden administration directed a drone strike against an aid worker in Afghanistan.

“The guy the Biden administration droned, was he an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?” asked Sen. Paul.

“The administration is reviewing that strike, and I’m sure that a full assessment will be forthcoming,” said Blinken. “I don’t know because we’re reviewing it.”

“You’d think you’d kinda know before you off somebody with a predator drone whether he’s an aid worker or he’s in ISIS,” fired back the Republican.

Blinken also refused to comment this week on why the Biden administration won’t destroy high-profile US equipment in Afghanistan, telling lawmakers to ask the Department of Defense.

“Heavy equipment, the tanks, the helicopters, all this is GPS tracked. We can identify this. Why did we not destroy it, or don’t destroy it now?” asked one lawmaker.

“I know my colleagues from the Defense Department will have an opportunity to speak to Congress, they’re the experts on this,” deflected Blinken.

“We know the location of this equipment, are we going to destroy it or not?” pressed the legislator.

“Much of this equipment is either inoperable or will soon be inoperable because they can’t be maintained,” claimed the Secretary of State.

Watch Blinken’s comments above.

‘DEFINING MOMENT’: Photo of Hunched Biden Goes Viral After Kabul Terror Attack Kills US Troops

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.27.21

An image of President Biden hunched at his podium went viral on social media Thursday after the Commander-in-Chief spoke with reporters following a deadly terror attack in Kabul that killed at least 13 US Service Members.

“Do you bear any responsibility for the way that things have unfolded in the last two weeks?” asked Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

“I bear responsibility, fundamentally, for all that’s happened… You know as well as I do that a former president made a deal with the Taliban that he would get all American forced out of Afghanistan by May 1…” said Biden.



Former President Donald Trump released a statement Thursday shortly after the bombings.

“Melania and I send our deepest condolences to the families of our brilliant and brave Service Members whose duty to the U.S.A. meant so much to them. Our thoughts are also with the families of the innocent civilians who died today in the savage Kabul attack,” posted the President.

“This tragedy should never have been allowed to happen, which makes our grief even deeper and more difficult to understand,” he added. “May God Bless the U.S.A.”

Watch Biden’s ‘defining moment’ above.

DeSANTIS on HANNITY: ‘We’re in for a Rocky 3.5 Years’ Under Biden

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.19.21

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke with Sean Hannity Wednesday night on the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan, saying the country is “in for a rocky” few years under President Joe Biden.

“What’s your assessment? Why didn’t they act? How did he stay on vacation as Kabul was falling?” asked Biden.

“He’s asleep at the switch,” said DeSantis. “I think Trump was right to say that we needed to come home from Afghanistan, but how you do that matters. When you’re leaving billions in military equipment, that matters. China and Russia are all looking at this.

“This is not somebody who is capable of leading with conviction. I think we’re in for a rocky 3.5 years as long as he’s the President,” he added.

Biden continued to deflect growing criticism of his disastrous plan to withdraw from Afghanistan this week, telling ABC News there was no way to exit the country without “chaos ensuing.”

“I don’t think it could’ve been handled in a way that- we’re going to go back in hindsight and look but the idea that somehow there was a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens,” Biden said.

“So for you, that was always priced in the decision?” George Stephanopoulos followed.

“Yes,” Biden answered.

Watch DeSantis on ‘Hannity’ above.

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