GREAT AGAIN: Small Business Optimism SMASHES RECORDS, Profits Hit All-Time High

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.09.18

The small business optimism index smashed expectations and reached record-breaking highs in April, signaling a soaring US economy under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

According to Fox Business, the National Federation of Independent Business -America’s largest association of small businesses and entrepreneurs- released the staggering statistics Wednesday; showing profits in April reached the highest levels “ever recorded in the survey’s 45-year history.”

“The day after the election, small business optimism began to surge, and it held at historic levels for 17 months,” NFIB President and CEO Juanita Duggan told Fox.

“Our members in the NFIB are reporting that their biggest problem is hiring qualified workers,” she said. “Taxes are no longer that number one problem.”

The strong report comes days after the Congressional Budget Office announced the largest tax surplus on record for April, with the US collecting over $515 billion last month but spending just $297 billion.