GRASSLEY UNCHAINED: Sen. Grassley ACCUSES FBI of 'HIDING' Trump Dossier Intel

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.24.18

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley called-out the Department of Justice and the FBI on Wednesday, accusing the nation’s premier law-enforcement agency of playing “hide the ball” as Congressional leaders investigate anti-Trump bias and widespread abuse at the bureau.

Grassley was speaking from the floor of the US Senate when he lashed-out at the Department of Justice as more and more instances of anti-Trump bias come to light, saying DOJ officials were playing “bureaucratic games” as his Committee fought to release information regarding Fusion GPS and the Trump Dossier.

“It sure looks like a bureaucratic game of hide the ball, rather than a genuine concern about national security,” Grassley said.

According to Fox News, the GOP leader accused the Department of using “false classifications” in order to prevent the release of information relating to former British spy Christopher Steele, the author behind the now-debunked ‘Trump Dossier.’

“If FBI really believed this fact was classified, then the FBI and the department should take better care to act consistent with that belief,” Grassley added. “Unfortunately, I suspect something else is really going on here.”

“Those particular paragraphs are based on nongovernment sources and do not claim to repeat or confirm any information from any government document,” said the Chairman. “Even if those portions of our referral did reference the allegedly classified fact at issue, it is hard to understand why that fact should be classified.”