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Sen. Graham Unveils His Plan to INVESTIGATE Rosenstein, McCabe

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.19.19

Sen. Lindsey Graham stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Monday night to weigh-in on recent revelations senior DOJ officials discussed removing President Trump from office; calling the meetings “one of the most significant moments in American history.”

Graham shares plans for Rosenstein, McCabe investigations

“They looked into this issue of collusion for nine months. We have testimony that they had nothing; that’s in May when they appointed the special counsel. What’s your reaction to them invoking the 25th Amendment?” asked Hannity.

“It’s one of the most significant moments in American history if it’s true. You had the acting head of the FBI talking to the Deputy Attorney General about replacing the president,” said Graham.

“Oversight is part of my job. We have checks and balances. We’re going to find out who was in these meetings and talk to all of them and find out who’s lying,” he added.

Watch Sen. Graham on ‘Hannity’ above.