FLASHBACK: Tom Brokaw Calls-Out Biden Corruption… in 2008

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.11.19

Unearthed footage appeared on social media this week of journalist Tom Brokaw calling-out Joe Biden’s history of corruption back in 2008; raising new questions over the former Vice President’s questionable relationship with multiple businesses.

“You received $214,000 in campaign contributions from a company and its employees, at the same time you were fighting for a bankruptcy bill this company really wanted to get passed the Senate… Senator Obama was opposed to the bill,” said Brokaw.

“You voted against an amendment that would call for a warning on predatory lending. You opposed efforts to strengthen the protections for people in bankruptcy. Your son was working for the company. In retrospect, wasn’t this inappropriate?” he asked.

Watch Brokaw’s comments above.