FBI DIRECTOR: Andrew McCabe Was Fired ‘BY THE BOOK’ for Violating Procedures

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.21.18

The Director of the FBI Christopher Wray pushed back Wednesday against recent accusations that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired over political partisanship, saying he runs the bureau “by the book” and free of “politics.”

Wray was speaking with NBC News when he was asked to respond to accusations President Trump pressured the director to remove McCabe because of his relationship to the Democratic party; saying his agency is completely “independent.”

“It’s been reported that you threatened to resign over being urged to fire people. Is that correct?” asked the NBC News reporter.

“I have been very clear from the minute I was nominated to the minute I walked in the door to countless opportunities since then, that I am unwaveringly committed to doing this job by the book, independently, following our rules, our processes free from political partisanship,” fired-back Wray.

Watch the FBI Director’s comments below: