ENOUGH: Hundreds of Enraged British Workers Drag Climate Activists from Busy Commuter Trains

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.17.19

A group of enraged British workers forcefully dragged a handful of climate activists from the top of busy morning commuter trains Thursday; saying the environmentalists were doing nothing more than preventing people from going about their daily lives.

“Commuters now physically dragging protestors from the roof of the train,” posted one user on social media.

The group, Extinction Rebellion, staged similar demonstrations earlier this month; intentionally pouring hundreds of gallons of “fake blood” onto the streets of London.

“BREAKING: @ExtinctionR and @CClimateAction activists use fire engine to spray 1,800 litres of fake blood over the front of the Treasury in London,” posted Occupy London just before the mishap.

“Four people have since been arrested for criminal damage in relation to the incident,” reports the Evening Standard. “While eventually successful, the operation did not get off to the best start when the climate activists lost control of the hose.”