Election Day: Tucson Voters to Decide Whether Town Will be Arizona’s Only ‘Sanctuary City’

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.05.19

Voters in Tucson will cast their ballot Tuesday and determine whether the town will become the first ‘Sanctuary City’ in Arizona; setting the stage for a legal showdown with the state government and Trump administration.

“The measure is dividing progressives in a city where many are eager to send Trump a message but where others worry the move would only draw his ire without improving conditions for migrants,” reports the Associated Press. “A group of activists looking to give a voice to the city’s sizable Latino community started the initiative, known as Proposition 205. It would put new restrictions on when police can inquire about immigration status or cooperate with federal law enforcement.”

“It explicitly aims to neuter a 2010 Arizona immigration law known as SB1070, which drew mass protests and a boycott of the state. It prohibits sanctuary cities in Arizona and requires police, when enforcing other laws, to verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Courts threw out much of the law but upheld the requirement for officers to check immigration papers,” adds the AP.

“It will put into law that we will not, as we move forward, collaborate in the federal effort to terrorize, detain, separate and deport our community members,” said the Executive Director of the People’s Defense Initiative, the group behind Prop 205.

The Trump administration has launched multiple legal battles against similar legislation in California and elsewhere; arguing ‘Sanctuary’ policies encourage illegal immigration across the country.

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Source: Associated Press