EAST COAST PANIC: False TSUNAMI Warning ISSUED for Eastern Seaboard of US

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.06.18

A heart-stopping emergency alert was accidentally sent to smart phones across the eastern seaboard Tuesday morning, warning unsuspecting civilians of an impending tsunami from Florida to Boston, reports Fox News.

A spokesperson for the National Weather Service confirmed the “glitch” to the Associated Press, saying the agency was struggling to get to the bottom of the panic-inducing incident.

“The National Tsunami Warning Center did NOT issue a tsunami Warning, Watch, or Advisory for any part of the United States or Canada this morning,” tweeted the NWS.

Initial reports suggest users with certain mobile apps -such as Accuweather- received what appeared to be an “actual warning” of an impending Tsunami, not a mere test of the weather service’s emergency preparedness.

Accuweather eventually corrected the false alarm on twitter, writing, “The National Weather Service Tsunami Warning this morning was a TEST. No Tsunami warning is in effect for the East Coast of the U.S.”

The incident echos a similar accident weeks ago, when Hawaii’s Office of Emergency Management sent an accidental ballistic missile warning to thousands of residents and tourists; warning them of an impending North Korean nuclear strike.