DEVELOPING: Iran ‘QUADRUPLES PRODUCTION’ of Enriched Uranium as Tensions with USA Escalate

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.20.19

Iranian officials reportedly ordered a massive increase in the production of enriched Uranium this week; openly defying the Trump administration as tensions between Tehran and Washington rapidly escalate.

“Iran has quadrupled its production of enriched uranium amid tensions with the U.S. over Tehran’s unraveling nuclear accord, two semi-official news agencies reported Monday, an announcement that came just after President Donald Trump and Iran’s foreign minister traded threats and taunts,” reports the Associated Press.

“This follows days of heightened tensions sparked by the Trump administration’s deployment of bombers and an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf over still-unspecified threats from Iran. While Trump’s dueling approach of flattery and threats has become a hallmark of his foreign policy, the risks have only grown in dealing with Iran, where mistrust between Tehran and Washington stretch back four decades,” adds the author.

President Trump issued a dire warning to Iranian officials over the weekend; telling leaders in Tehran any future acts of aggression against US interests would bring about the “official end” of their regime.

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!,” posted the Commander-in-Chief on social media Sunday.

“It’s unclear exactly what prompted Trump’s posting, but news outlets reported explosions in Iraq’s capital and that a rocket launcher was discovered in eastern Baghdad, an area that is home to Iranian-backed Shiite militias,” reports the NY Post.

“Roads leading into the Green Zone were briefly closed and no casualties were reported,” adds the article.

The President’s comments come hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed the Obama administration for refusing to “get off the stage” in ongoing talks with top Iranian officials.

“Pompeo made the comments in a Fox News Radio interview with Guy Benson on Thursday amid the increasing tensions between the U.S. and Iran, and the calls to investigate Kerry, the former secretary of state under President Obama, over the alleged violations of the Logan Act for meeting with Iranian officials,” reports Fox News.

“It is ahistorical and completely unhelpful when previous secretaries of state are continuing to engage in the tasks that they engaged in when they were the secretary of state …  it’s time to get off the stage for the previous administration,” said Pompeo.

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