DEMOCRAT DISASTER: Dreamers PROTEST AT DNC Over Immigration Failure

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.05.18

DACA recipients and their supporters set their sights on the Democratic Party Monday morning, blocking the entrance to the Democratic National Committee after liberal lawmakers failed to find a solution for the nation’s ‘Dreamers.’

Dozens of activists stood outside the party’s headquarters; chanting slogans and chastising the Democratic Party for using undocumented immigrant youth as a “political pawn” but refusing to strike a deal with President Trump earlier this year.

“I am here today to tell Democrats that they are not my allies and I will continue to fight and show that that I will not collaborate with them until they do something for my community,” said one protester.

“If you won’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep!” they chanted.

President Trump called-out the Democratic Party last week over their refusal to cooperate on finding a DACA solution, saying “For those of you who are still interested, the Democrats have totally forgotten about DACA. Not a lot of interest on this subject from them!”

Watch the fiery protest below:

h/t Daily Caller