CREEPS ON A MISSION: Michael Horowitz is really Investigating the Investigators

posted by Sidney Powell - 1.14.18

Sidney Powell, Attorney & Author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice |

Since at least July 2016, the upper echelon of the FBI and the Department of Justice began a stealth operation—with the complicity if not instigation of President Obama—to taint and destroy Candidate Trump with a concocted “Russia collusion” narrative.

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, has been running a little-watched parallel investigation that is already producing results—when he is not manipulated or overborn by Robert Mueller.

His name is not familiar to most Americans, but Mr. Horowitz has played an important role since President Obama named him Inspector General (IG) for the Department of Justice in 2012.

Congress mandated the position of IG for every major federal agency.  The 72 IGs work on behalf of the taxpayers as independent watchdogs over their respective agencies.

If you think the IG position is not important, remember this:  Remarkably, President Obama did not appoint a permanent one for the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s entire tenure.  When John Kerry took over as Secretary of State, the newly appointed IG found and disclosed that Mrs. Clinton used an illegal secret server, and they immediately identified classified material in the first random sample of only 40 documents.

Mr. Horowitz already deserves kudos for trying to do his job at the Justice Department and obtain information from the administration that appointed him.  Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch stymied his efforts at every turn.  Their defiance of his Congressionally-mandated duties was so egregious he and 46 other IGs wrote a letter to Congress complaining of the Obama administration’s obstruction.

So much for Mr. Obama’s claim of having “the most transparent administration ever.

Sally Yates, who was the Number Two person at DOJ,  blocked Mr. Horowitz from oversight of the National Security Division of the Department of Justice.  Notably, that is the division that worked with the FBI on the Steele dossier and the FISA “warrant” to create the “Russia collusion” pack of lies—and who knows what else.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, however, Mr. Horowitz has been somewhat more successful in obtaining information.  For almost a year, he has been investigating how Mr. Comey, the FBI and Department of Justice handled the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s emails and matters that may be related to that.

Meanwhile, within the intelligence community, Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency [NSA], discovered so many violations of the surveillance program that he had to make significant changes and report the problems to Congress.  Mr. Horowitz has been following up on those, and he may very well report pervasive and systematic abuses of that extraordinary power by the elite of the Obama FBI and DOJ.

Mr. Horowitz discovered the 10,000 text messages between now infamous FBI operatives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  Ms. Page was an FBI/DOJ attorney serving as a special assistant to Deputy FBI Director Andrew “Memory-Impaired” McCabe, as well as mistress to Counter-Intelligence Agent Peter Strzok. Many of these players—Page, Strzok, McCabe, FBI General Counsel Baker and Mary Jacoby, the wife of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson—visited the White House throughout the time they were cooking up the “Russia-collusion” concoction.

Mr. Strzok was at the epicenter of the farce of an “investigation” of Mrs. Clinton for her blatant obstruction of justice and violations of 18 U.S.C. Section 793 in her transmission of classified information through her unsecured server with President Obama’s blessing. Mr. Strzok rewrote Director Comey’s remarks to remove language that effectively indicted Mrs. Clinton under that very statute.  Mr. Strzok ambush-interviewed General Michael Flynn shortly after the Inauguration, and Mr. Mueller conveniently chose Mr. Strzok to lead his investigators.

The few text messages revealed to the public so far make clear not only Strzok’s and Page’s vile disdain for candidate Donald Trump, but evidence their outright conspiracy to leak information to the press to foster the Russia collusion narrative, concoct the Steele dossier, obtain the FISA “warrant,” and create the stench of an investigation—all to impede Donald Trump’s election.  If we ever get all of the evidence and truth, it will probably reveal that their “insurance policy”—if Mr. Trump was elected—began with the “collusion” concoction and built the groundwork for the appointment of a special prosecutor if Mr. Comey were to be fired.

Mr. Horowitz’s discovery of the Strzok-Page message-menage-a-trois so far has resulted in the secret removal of Agent Strzok from Mr. Mueller’s task force and now his reassignment within the FBI.  The shocking disclosures have also prompted Ms. Page’s return to DOJ, FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s decision to retire in March, and longtime James Comey friend and colleague FBI General Counsel James Baker’s reassignment.

We should also thank Mr. Horowitz for the demotion of Department of Justice Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie worked on the Steele dossier with Fusion GPS.  Mr. Ohr met secretly with them, and his “fingerprints” are likely all over the FISA applications to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign based on contrived “evidence”.

These changes are a start toward draining the swamp—but nowhere near enough.  Director Wray should have fired Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe and James Baker already, and Attorney General Sessions should have fired Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page.  Conduct like theirs has no place in any Department—much less one purporting to represent Justice.

Has Mr. Horowitz found any evidence Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch were also complicit?  That would explain why Ms. Yates barred him access to a National Security Division that was scheming with the FBI.

Who else in the Department of Justice and the FBI were conspiring with them to try to prevent President Trump’s election and then create a scenario or manufacture evidence to promote his impeachment?  What about the head of the National Security Division within DOJ—John Carlin?  What role did he play in all of this?  And what about the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Chief—Bill Priestap, whom Comey blamed for his own failure to make the legally required report to Congress of the FBI’s illicit FISA-related activities.

Mr. Horowitz may not have all of the answers.  He is stymied in many ways by Mueller’s investigation, and it is likely there is still more evidence buried deep.

As I said on Hannity weeks ago, expect to see that we are not talking about “mission creep” by FBI, Department of Justice, Special Counsel Mueller and his task force; rather, the real problem is there are “creeps on a mission” to destroy the President.  Stay tuned for more when Horowitz completes his report and testifies before Congress.

Sidney Powell (@SidneyPowell1) was a federal prosecutor in three districts under nine U.S. attorneys from both political parties, then in private practice for more than 20 years. She is a past president of the Bar Association of the 5th Federal Circuit and of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers. A veteran of 500 federal appeals, she published “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.”

She consulted with Arthur Andersen on appeal and represented one of the Merrill Executives. 

She also serves as Senior Advisor to America First Policies and Senior Fellow for the London Center for Policy Research.

DOJ DISGRACE: Dept. of Justice RIPS Obama Administration Over Sex Harassment

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.27.17

The Department of Justice slammed the Obama administration on Wednesday, citing recent evidence that highlighted “systemic” sexual harassment reports that were largely ignored throughout the agency for the previous eight years.

According to Fox News, the DOJ’s Inspector General discovered evidence that former officials throughout the Justice Department had mishandled multiple reports of sexual harassment; including “officials often being let off the hook or even rewarded.”

While a spokesperson for the Trump administration refused to comment on the situation, he did confirm that a “working group” has been convened to investigate the report.

“The Post reported that the IG found one top attorney in the Office of Immigration Litigation, Victor Lawrence, ‘groped the breasts and buttocks of two female trial attorneys’ at a happy hour,” writes Fox. “He reportedly got a reprimand, a title change and “relief from supervisory duties” but was not suspended and did not receive a loss in pay or grade. There reportedly was a concern that a suspension would “deprive the government” of his services.”

“'[T]he Department was very disappointed with the issues that occurred in the Obama administration,” said DOJ spokesperson Ian Prior.

DOJ Searching Trove of Texts from Anti-Trump Agent

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.08.17

The Department of Justice is rummaging through “over 10,000 texts” between the FBI agent recently demoted from Robert Mueller’s investigation for his “anti-Trump bias” and his counterparts at the special counsel’s office.

DOJ officials tell Fox News they’re currently sifting through 10,000 text exchanges to determine the extent of Strzok’s bias, and whether his personal opinions of President Trump impacted his ability to impartially conduct his investigation.

Peter Strzok was secretly re-assigned to the FBI’s Human Resources Department earlier this year after Robert Mueller was informed of his Trump-hating text exchanges with other investigators.

The revelation of anti-Trump operatives inside the special counsel’s office prompted an immediate response from GOP leaders and officials; questioning Mueller’s ability to properly investigate allegations of Russian-Trump collusion throughout the 2016 presidential race.

They’re not the only ones.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board published a scathing op-ed piece on Thursday, citing the text exchanges and other mistakes as irreparably damaging the special counsel’s office and demanding Mueller’s immediate resignation from the investigation.

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