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UNIFIED KOREA? North and South Korea May UNITE for Upcoming 2018 OLYMPICS

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.12.18

North and South Korea are openly entertaining the idea of unifying their female hockey teams ahead of the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang next month, vowing to work together throughout the competition and possibly entering the opening ceremonies side-by-side.

North Korean authorities confirmed the possibility on Friday, outlining a variety of ways the two nations –technically still at war since 1950- will be cooperating ahead of the international games.

Delegates from the communist regime and the staunch US ally will hold high-level negotiations in the coming weeks, ironing out important details that will send North Korean athletes, media, and officials over the heavily guarded border between the warring nations.

According to the Independent, an “offer has been made” by South Korean delegates to walk hand-in-hand with athletes from the hermit kingdom during the prestigious opening ceremonies; possibly ushering in the games under a “unified Korean flag.”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un stunned global leaders earlier this month when he wished South Korea a “successful” Olympics, adding that both nations will be working together to “ease military tensions” on the peninsula.