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Create a Pocket of Cool Air Anywhere With This $80 Portable Air Conditioner

posted by Mark Myerson - 7.16.21

When the summer heat arrives, you don’t want to be locked inside a workshop or office without air conditioning. While full-size units are bulky and expensive, there are other options that are both affordable and portable.

One such option is the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner, which creates a cool pocket of air wherever you need it, and it’s small enough to take anywhere. This ingenious device retails for $99, but it’s now only $79.99 in a special deal for Hannity viewers.

From garages to older office blocks, there are many inside spaces that lack air conditioning. Trying to work or relax when the mercury rockets upwards is almost impossible. The EV-500 is designed to provide instant relief. This Red Dot Design Award Winner can reduce the local temperature by 59°F in just 10 minutes, with no outflow required.

At the same time, the device adds humidity to the air and filters out dust. This makes breathing easier, and it should reduce snoring if you use the EV-500 in your bedroom

To use the air conditioner, you simply fill it with water, connect it to a power supply and press the power button. It reaches full power within 10 minutes, with a leakproof water cartridge providing the cooling effect. The EV-500 can be powered with a 7.5-watt power source, and one full tank of water is enough to keep it operating for 8 hours. 

The EvaChill is also highly portable; It even has a carry handle, so you can easily move it around your home or workspace. One satisfied customer raves, “It was extremely easy to setup and I had it working within 2-3 minutes of taking out of the box. I personally use it in a certain room during the afternoons-at a time when the sun is at its strongest.”

Order today for just $79.99 to get this impressive air conditioner and save 19% on the retail price.


EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner – $79.99

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Prices subject to change 


Apple Deal: Pick Up a Refurbished Mac Mini Desktop Computer for Just $330 Today

posted by Mark Myerson - 4.19.21

Apple Mac computers are known for three things: great usability, beautiful design, and premium prices. However, they aren’t always super expensive, especially if you don’t mind buying a refurbished product. By buying refurbished, you can get your hands on a product that works like new at a mere fraction of the cost.

The Apple Mac Mini Core i5 2.5GHz is a powerful desktop machine with a small footprint. It was originally priced at $599. But in a special deal for Hannity viewers, you can pick up a Grade A refurbished model for just $329.99 — that is 44% off the MSRP.

Measuring just 7.7 inches along each side, the Mac Mini is way smaller than most desktop computers. In spite of these minimal dimensions, it provides impressive specs. This version has an Intel i5 processor and 4GB of RAM to help you browse the web and get things done. The internal hard drive offers 500GB of storage space for files, while the processor’s integrated HD Graphics 4000 can handle videos and games.

One major selling point of the Mac Mini is connectivity. Its built-in Wi-Fi offers wireless connectivity; alternatively, you can hit top speed via the 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet port. You also have four USB 3.0 ports for hooking up accessories, along with Thunderbolt, HDMI, Firewire 800, and audio ports.

You can use the Mac Mini with any display, mouse, and keyboard. It works perfectly as a small machine for your office, an entertainment center, or a computer for the kids. And by buying refurbished, you can own an expensive piece of Apple tech for a lot less.

Order today for just $329.99 to grab a refurbished model today and save over $269 on the full price.


Apple Mac Mini “Core i5” 2.5GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HD -Silver (Refurbished) – $329.99

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Prices subject to change 


Love BBQ? Grill Up Something Delicious With This $33 Skewer System

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.20.21

In just a few short weeks, the freezing temperatures will fade and the warm Sun will return. As the weather improves, we inch closer and closer to BBQ season!

When that day finally comes, the O-Yaki 7.5″ Skewer System will help you share the flavorful fruits of your labor in generous servings. Combining high-quality, stainless steel skewers and a handy serving stand, this set is perfect for anyone who loves to grill. In a special deal for Hannity viewers, it’s currently 17% off MSRP, bringing the price down to just $33 for the entire set.

While you can use a wood skewer on the grill, buying new ones over and over is both wasteful and expensive. Plus, they don’t always work well in the oven. Measuring a generous 7.5 inches long, the O-Yaki skewers provide a major upgrade. Made from durable stainless steel, they are designed to last for years, whether you prefer grilling or oven roasting. 

Along with nine skewers, the set includes a stand, which you can actually use directly in your oven to keep your skewers upright for more even cookingOnce the skewers are done, simply take the stand out of the oven, place it on the table, and let everyone take their pick! Both the skewers and the stand are made from food-grade metal, and they are dishwasher-safe. 

Never cooked with skewers before? Not a problem! This set also comes with a bonus recipe book full of inspiration — featuring everything from delicious veggies to spicy kabobs and more.

Normally priced at $39, you can order this O-Yaki skewer system today for just $33, or 17% off. 


O-Yaki 7.5″ Skewer System – $33

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Prices subject to change.

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