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This $16 White Noise Machine Will Help You Fall Asleep and Stay Relaxed Throughout the Night

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.09.21

For anyone who grew up in a city, the background hum of cars and conversations is like a comfort blanket. Take it away, and we become restless.

If you struggle to sleep in silence, the LectroSound White Noise Machine is a must-have item. This device creates soothing sounds on demand, helping you to relax. In a special deal for Hannity viewers, it’s now 60% off MSRP at $15.99.

For some people, absolute silence itself can feel creepy. For others, the stillness seems to highlight small sounds. While you are drifting off, just a neighbor shutting their back door or alley cats fighting outside can be enough to send your heart racing.

Designed to sit on your nightstand, LectroSound helps you overcome these problems. It’s easy to use, with customizable sound, and a stylish exterior.

While many machines simply play looped recordings, LectroSound uses custom-designed analog circuitry to generate warm white noise. This ensures that you won’t hear the same patterns repeating.

Powered from any USB output, the device can generate background sound all night. There are no fiddly buttons or presets to distract you —  you simply turn on the machine and adjust the volume.

If you want to change the overall sound, you can twist the tone dial. This allows you to travel through the aural spectrum, through brown, white, and pink variations. It’s a bit like playing with an untuned radio.

Best of all, LectroSound is easily small enough to take anywhere.

Normally priced at $39, the device is now only $15.99 with this deal.


LectroSound Sleep & Relax Soothing Noise Machine – $15.99

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Prices subject to change.

Learn American Sign Language With 75 Hours of Video Lessons for $20

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.05.21

You may not realize it, but more than half a million people in this country are registered deaf. Learning American Sign Language can help you connect with this community, and give you a new skill that can be useful in a variety of settings.

The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle helps you become fluent in ASL, with 75 hours of video lessons. The training is usually priced at $99, but it’s now available to Hannity viewers for just $19.99 in a special deal.

If you work in emergency services or healthcare, knowing ASL can be really helpful. The language also provides the base for hand signals used in scuba diving. 

This collection of courses takes you from beginner to advanced vocabulary through three levels. In addition, you’ll get a bonus course that focuses on ASL for babies and toddlers.

Through concise video lessons, you learn the ASL alphabet and common signs for everyday situations. Other tutorials teach you pronouns, numbers, days of the week, emergency signs, and more. 

The training also looks at deaf etiquette. Conversations are a little different when the other person can’t hear you jump in, so it’s important to understand these unwritten rules. 

Along with gaining valuable skills, this bundle helps you add to your résumé. Each course comes with a certificate of completion, and the training is actually worth 30 CPD credits.

Order today for just $19.99 to get unlimited lifetime access to all the courses, worth $99 in total.


The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle – $19.99

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Prices subject to change.

Dive into data analysis with this Excel and Alteryx training, now 91% off

posted by Mark Myerson - 1.05.21

From sales figures to finance forecasts, data analysis guides decision-making in every industry. For obvious reasons, people who know how to crunch the numbers and spot trends are always in demand. If you want to sharpen your skills for a new role, or get promoted in your current one, this bundle may be just what you’ve been looking for.

The 2021 Excel to Alteryx Data Analyst Essentials Bundle helps you acquire this valuable skill-set, with 22.5 hours of hands-on training. The included courses are worth $348 all together, but Hannity viewers can order the bundle today for only $29.99 in a special offer.

You probably know something about Excel if you have ever worked behind a desk. Alteryx is a more specialized tool, used by data professionals to combine multiple data sources and run advanced analytics. 

This bundle helps you master both apps, with four courses and 179 video tutorials. The lessons walk you through all of the key features of Excel, including VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIF, Forecasts, Conditional Formatting, Histograms, and much more.

You will also get an in-depth look at Power Pivot, Power Query, and DAX in Excel, along with advanced PivotTable techniques.

Starting with the fundamentals, the training on Alteryx is perfect for beginners. Through six hours of instruction, you will learn how to filter data, build visual workflows, create reports, and much more.

All of these courses come from Stream Skill, which is part of the Simon Sez online education family. This publisher has a rating of 4.4 stars, and the group has taught over 430,000 students. Order today for just $29.99 to get lifetime access to the courses, worth $348.


The 2021 Excel to Alteryx Data Analyst Essentials Bundle – $29.99

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Prices subject to change.

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