COMMUNISM USA! De Blasio Introduces Plan to Allow GOVERNMENT to Seize Private Property

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.15.19

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio raised eyebrows across the nation’s largest metropolis this week; bizarrely suggesting the local government could seize property from “bad landlords.”

“When a landlord tries to push out a tenant by making their home unlivable, a team of inspectors and law enforcement agents will be on the ground to stop it in time,” said de Blasio during his yearly State of the City address. “If the fines and the penalties don’t cut it, we will seize their buildings and we will put them in the hands of a community nonprofit that will treat tenants with the respect they deserve.”

The mayor’s website confirmed the move; saying the de Blasio administration was “pursuing new local law to seize upwards of 40 of the most distressed multiple dwelling buildings annually and transition them to responsible, mission driven ownership.”

“My first reaction was: Is this communist Cuba?” asked one state Assembly member.

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