CLINTON MAFIA: Comey Isn't the First to Compare a President to the MOB

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.13.18

Disgraced former FBI director James Comey took his war of words with President Trump to the next level this week; viciously comparing the Commander-in-Chief to a “mob boss” of an organized crime family.

Sara Carter points out that the bureau chief is hardly the first to call Trump a “mafia boss,” adding that former FBI director Louie Freeh publicly labeled the Clintons an organized crime family back in 1997.

“If former FBI Director James Comey believes he’s the first official to liken a president’s actions to that of the mafia, he would be sorely wrong. In Comey’s new book he says President Donald Trump worked for months to secure his loyalty through a series of meetings and phone calls during the transition period and compared the president to a mob boss,” writes Carter.

“The same happened to former President Bill Clinton. In fact, there was insurmountable evidence that came to light in the final weeks of Clinton’s 1996 campaign involving a Chinese fundraising scandal that plagued Clinton’s election and involved an FBI investigation, as well as Congressional hearings,” she adds.

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