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China’s oil import from Iran increased from 400k to 1 million barrels/day since Biden took office

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.28.22

Since President Joe Biden took office, Iran has illicitly sold China $38 billion worth of oil. The Washington Free Beacon credits the Biden administration’s relaxed sanctions enforcement and virtually zero oversight on Tehran for the blossoming relationship of the two regimes.

It is also revenue from the Chinese government which “has kept Iran’s hardline regime afloat as it grapples with the largest outbreak of nationwide protests in years” adds the Beacon.

Newly released figures calculated by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), an advocacy group that tracks Iran’s illicit oil trade, China “has proven to be the savior of Tehran by continuing to import millions of barrels of oil every single day.”

The Free Beacon writes:

Before the Biden administration took office and reentered talks with Iran, China was importing around 400,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day. That number now stands at around one million.

UANI analysts have discovered that Iran is using a so-called Ghost Armada comprising more than 200 oil-carrying ships. Much of this trade is being facilitated by China, which is able to import the illicit Iranian oil at discount prices.

“It is widely acknowledged,” according to UANI, “that China is principally responsible for keeping the Iranian regime in business through oil purchases that have totaled $38 billion since President Joe Biden assumed office.”

With regard to the Biden administration being complicit, although it has not officially “nixed U.S. sanctions on Iran’s lucrative oil trade” it has “eased its enforcement of these measures,” according to experts tracking the situation.

“This has allowed Iran to export around 1,000,000 barrels of crude per day to Beijing amid a global supply crisis and enriched Tehran’s hardline regime at a time when its grip on power is more threatened than ever.”

'BIDEN STARTED A WAR ON U.S. OIL': Rep. Mike Turner Torches Biden on Energy Crisis, Response to Ukraine

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.10.22

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo about the current state of the energy crisis, war in Ukraine, and nuclear threats from Russia. “This is a President from day one who started a war on domestic oil production,” says Turner.

On the Biden Administration’s response to Russia, Turner says “They should have been arming Ukraine a year ago…we need to assist here.”

Watch the full interview above.

The Ohio rep also shared his thoughts on Twitter earlier this week about Biden’s search for foreign oil, stressing that America needs to be energy independent.

“The Biden Admin shouldn’t be asking Maduro’s regime for assistance with oil production. The IC has been clear about the threat of Russian & CCP malign influence in Latin America. We must protect the nat’l security interests of the US – that means becoming more energy independent.”

'A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID': Kennedy Blasts Biden on Elections, Energy, and Inflation

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.24.22

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) stopped by Hannity to blast President Joe Biden for trying to establish a federal election code; for his nonsensical energy policy; and for his economic illiteracy —Kennedy says “it’s a special kind of stupid.”

“You mentioned — you mentioned oil and inflation,” Kennedy said. “President Biden was inaugurated on January 28 of last year. So we are on day 488 of Build Back Better. So far, the policy failures from this administration have gushed like an open fire hydrant. You mentioned oil. The president is clearly obstructing America from drilling for its own oil and — for environmental reasons, he says. Instead, he wants us to buy oil from foreign countries. Those foreign countries transport that oil to us in tankers that use 2,000 gallons of fuel per hour and emit eight tons of CO2 per hour. The irony is rich. I mean, that’s a special kind of stupid.”

Kennedy also offered up some gems on inflation.

“On inflation, here’s what the American people see,” Kennedy continued. “President Biden gave Americans three $600 stimulus checks. And then, for his next trick, he crashed their 401ks and increased their gasoline bills by $800 — their food bills by $3,000, and their rent by $2,000 a month. Now, unless you have untreated mental illness, you know that is not a good trade. And that’s why most Americans, at least on the economy, would — right now, would not trust the Biden administration to properly open a PayPal. Its economic illiteracy is astounding.”

Watch the clip above.

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