CARAVAN CRISIS: Migrants Launch ‘HUNGER STRIKE’ to Protest Mexican Police Blocking US Border

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.30.18

A “handful” of Central American migrants launched a “hunger strike” this week; telling reporters they’re protesting the Mexican authorities currently blocking them from reaching the United States border.

According to Reuters, Mexican authorities began transporting hundreds of immigrants to new facilities to ease the burden on Tijuana residents and local police.

“A handful of the thousands of Central American migrants camped out at the U.S.-Mexican border waiting to plead their case for asylum in the United States launched a hunger strike on Thursday to protest the Mexican police blocking their way,” writes Reuters.

“What the police are doing is unfair. The truth is we are fighting for our rights,” said one member of the ‘caravan.’ “Why are (the police) treating us like this if we’re not causing them or the Mexican people any trouble?”

President Trump threatened to “permanently” close key sections of the US-Mexico border earlier this week should the crisis continue to escalate.

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