CALIFORNIA CHAOS: McDonald’s Tests ‘Anti-Loitering’ Siren to Keep Homeless from Restaurants

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.24.19

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is poised to introduce a drastic measure to keep California’s homeless crisis from impacting their restaurants; testing new “anti-loitering” sirens to discourage transients from setting up tents near their drive-thru windows.

“This Sacramento McDonald’s isn’t lovin’ it, when it comes to people loitering outside its restaurant. So, management is using an unusual measure to disperse the crowd: an unpleasant noise, piped outside, that is meant to frustrate, aggravate and clear out anybody within earshot,” reports Fox Business.

“Recent Yelp reviews suggest that that McDonald’s management at this location are not the only ones who have noticed a serious loitering problem,” adds Fox.

“Pretty dirty mcd with alot of homeless people and riff raff. Employees are nice but there is alot of questionable people in this area. Recommend drive through only esp at night,” posted one reviewer.

“Crazy homeless people acting weird and frantic (I have no problem w homeless people sharing the same eating location as I do, everyone needs to eat! But these ones were not behaving normally- not violent but disturbing!)” posted another.

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