BUSTED: Leading Democrat Held SECRET HOTEL Meeting with FARRAKHAN in 2015

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.13.18

Leading Democrat Keith Ellison found himself in hot-water Tuesday after a fellow liberal lawmaker revealed a secret “hotel room” meeting with Louis Farrakhan back in 2015; blowing a giant hole in Ellison’s assertions that he severed contact with the prominent anti-Semite in 2006.

Democratic Rep. Andre Carson spilled the beans on Ellison’s real relationship with the Nation of Islam leader this week, saying he and the Deputy Chief of the DNC met with Farrakhan as recently as 2015 at a hotel in Washington, DC.

The left-wing lawmaker revealed the meeting during an interview with the Indianapolis Star, saying he won’t “rule out” future conversations with Farrakhan.

“Carson said that he agreed to meet with Farrakhan in 2015, in the minister’s hotel suite, because they have a shared interest and passion for improving the quality of life in urban neighborhoods. The Washington Post Fact Checker on Friday tagged a third participant in that meeting, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee,” writes the Indy Star.

Farrakhan and his relationship with leading Democrats made national headlines last week after the co-chair of the Women’s March organization attended his hate-filled Saviour’s Day Event; watching silently as the Nation of Islam leader railed against the “Satanic Jew” for nearly 3 hours.