BREAKING REPORT: FISA Court Accuses FBI of Presenting ‘Misleading’ Information to Surveil Trump Adviser

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.17.19

The country’s top secret court capable of issuing surveillance orders issued an unprecedented report Tuesday; accusing the FBI of presenting “misleading” intelligence to spy on at least one senior Trump campaign advisor.

“A secretive federal court accused the F.B.I. on Tuesday of misleading it about the factual basis for wiretapping a former Trump campaign adviser and ordered the bureau to propose changes in how investigators seek permission for some national security surveillance,” reports the New York Times.

“The frequency with which representations made by F.B.I. personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession, and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case, calls into question whether information contained in other F.B.I. applications is reliable,” Judge Rosemary Collyer wrote.

“This order responds to reports that personnel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
provided false information to the National Security Division (NSD) of the Department of Justice,
and withheld material information from NSD which was detrimental to the FBI’s case, in
connection with four applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) for
authority to conduct electronic surveillance of a U.S. citizen named Carter W. Page. When FBI
personnel mislead NSD in the ways described above, they equally mislead the FISC,” adds the order.

This is a developing story. Read the full FISA Order here.

Source: New York Times

BARR TALK: AG Barr Blasts the FBI’s Russia Probe, Slams Investigators for ‘Gross Abuse’

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.10.19

Attorney General Bill Barr weighed-in Tuesday on the recently released Inspector General’s report; saying the FBI practiced “gross abuse” that relied on “flimsy evidence” to surveil senior Trump associates during the 2016 election.

“Attorney General Bill Bar is blasting the FBI’s conduct during the Russia investigation, saying investigators relied on ‘flimsy’ evidence in launching the probe and disputing key conclusions from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report released Monday,” reports Fox News.

“It’s hard to look at this stuff and not think that it was a gross abuse,” Barr said. “Where I disagree with Mike, I just think this was very flimsy.”

“The normal thing to do in this situation,” Barr said, “is to go to the campaign, and here I don’t think there’s a legitimate explanation for why they didn’t.”

Read the full report here.

Source: Fox News

BIAS ON DISPLAY: Time-Lapse Footage Shows CNN Skipping Lindsey Graham’s Opening Statement

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.12.19

Recently released time-lapse footage shows CNN intentionally skipping Sen. Lindsey Graham’s opening statement on FISA abuse; coverage carried by other major news networks for the entire 45-minutes.

“Media bias is not only how something is covered, it’s what they cover. This is what bias at CNN looks like,” posted GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.


CNN found itself in hot-water Wednesday after the network failed to air Sen. Lindsey Graham’s opening statement at the Judiciary Committee; ignoring the lawmaker’s powerful remarks on the FBI’s botched Russia probe.

“CNN was alone among the three major cable news networks in deciding not to televise Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., deliver his opening statement on Wednesday prior to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s hotly-anticipated testimony,” reports Fox News.


“Graham’s powerful remarks included examples of bias against President Trump and other Republicans from top FBI officials and criticism of media coverage that dismissed the FISA report as concluding the FBI made errors at a low level,” adds Fox.

“The first thing I want you to know is how the cake is baked here and my goal is to make sure … you look at this as more than a few irregularities, because if this becomes a few irregularities in America, then God help us all,” Graham said.

CNN has so-far not responded to the incident.

Read the full report here.

Source: Fox News

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