BREAKING: House Democrats to Hold Vote on Impeachment Proceedings Thursday

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.28.19

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi confirmed Monday that she will call a vote to “formalize” impeachment proceedings against President Trump on Thursday.

“The resolution — which ‘establishes the procedure for hearings,’ according to a statement by Speaker Nancy Pelosi — will mark the first floor vote on impeachment since Democrats formally launched their inquiry a month ago,” reports Politico.


“We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump Administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House of Representatives,” Pelosi said in a letter.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Discusses the ‘Secrecy’ Surrounding Dems’ Impeachment Inquiry

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.22.19

President Trump spoke with Sean Hannity at the White House Monday afternoon; calling-out House Democrats’ for the veil of secrecy surrounding their latest impeachment inquiry and the Ukraine.

“We have tremendous support, we’ve got taxes, we’ve got regulations, the stock market. That’s in a fairly short period of time. We’re doing great, we’re beating everybody… We’ve done things that nobody else has done,” said the President.

“To me, ‘impeach’ is a very ugly word… To impeach over a letter like that. They don’t mention any of this anymore. What they’re doing now is something that’s never been done before. They don’t want the facts to come out. Republicans have no lawyers, we can’t question, we can’t do a thing,” he added.

Watch Hannity’s exclusive interview with the President above.

FACT VS FICTION: What You Need to Know About President Trump’s Call with President of Ukraine

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.25.19

Despite hours of breathless media coverage regarding President Trump’s 33-minute phone conversation with the leader of Ukraine last July, key facts and important issues are completely ignored by major news networks.

The Democrat-fueled fantasy is now causing renewed calls for impeachment, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and more than 200 liberal lawmakers.

Here’s what you need to know to parse the facts from the fiction:

Claim: The President “promised” Ukraine financial or military aid in exchange for political dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Fact: The official transcript reveals no promise was ever made during the entire conversation.

Claim: The President demanded Ukrainian officials work with Rudy Giuliani and the Attorney General to investigate Joe Biden.

Fact: Joe Biden’s name came-up TWICE -in the same paragraph- during a 33-minute conversation. Giuliani and Barr were mentioned in just one exchange.

“The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son,. that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it… It sounds horrible to me,” said Trump during the call.

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