BRAIN FREEZE: Northeast Braces for ‘COLDEST THANKSGIVING’ in Recorded History

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.19.18

The northeastern United States is rapidly preparing for the “coldest Thanksgiving Day on record” as temperatures are poised to plunge to levels 15 to 25 degrees below the normal average.

According to weather.com, a giant “arctic air mass” will descend upon the region from Canada as early as Wednesday; sending temperatures down to numbers normally seen in early January.

“A strong area of high pressure from the Arctic Circle will descend southward across Canada and into the Northeast, sending temperatures plummeting toward levels more common on New Year’s Day, not Thanksgiving Day,” writes the website.

Historical records show New York City has had only three days since 1870 when the high-temperature did not exceed 30 degrees; with the coldest day of just 26 degrees dating back to November 28, 1901.

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