BRAIN FREEZE: Hillary Suggests WOMEN More IMPACTED by Climate Change Than MEN

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.05.18

Doomed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke-out on the dangers of climate change at an event Monday afternoon, bizarrely suggesting that the planet’s female population will be the most “burdened” by global warming.

The former Secretary of State was speaking at Washington, DC’s Georgetown University when she was asked how students could help the rest of the world -primarily Africa and Asia- cope with mankind’s negative impacts on the global environment.

“With respect to the rest of the world, I would say that particularly for women […] they will bear the brunt of looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to when all of the grass is finally gone as the desertification moves south and you have to keep moving your livestock or your crops are no longer growing,” she said.

“Yes, women once again, will be primarily burdened with the problems of climate change. So, look for international organizations to support.

Watch Clinton’s comments above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon