BIDEN'S BAD DEAL: Joe Says He’s Willing to Sacrifice ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Blue-Collar’ Jobs for Green Economy

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.20.19

Former Vice President Joe Biden doubled-down on his party’s ‘Green New Deal’ during Thursday night’s Democratic debate; saying he’s willing to sacrifice “hundreds of thousands” of blue collar jobs to promote a “greener economy.”

“As President, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, knowing that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers, in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?” asked the moderator.

“The answer is yes!” fired-back Biden.

Watch Biden’s comments above.

JOE’S NEW DEAL: Biden Releases His $5 TRILLION 'Revolutionary' Plan to Fight Climate Change

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.04.19

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden unveiled his own version of the ‘Green New Deal’ Tuesday morning; a private-public partnership aimed at reducing carbon emissions that economists say will cost upwards of $5 trillion over the next ten years.

“Using the Green New Deal as a framework, the clear front-runner right now in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination announced he’s ‘calling for a Clean Energy Revolution to confront this crisis and do what America does best – solve big problems with big ideas,’” reports Fox News.

“The price tag for the proposal — named ‘The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice’ —  is $1.7 trillion over the next 10 years. Biden’s campaign said this would be supplemented by leveraging more than $5 trillion in additional private sector and state and local investments. This is considerably less expensive than the Green New Deal itself, for which cost estimates range as high as $93 trillion,” adds the article.

The former Vice President’s campaign schedule was called into question this week; with supporter complaining they haven’t seen the Obama official since his kick-off event in Philadelphia on May 18th.

“After launching his Democratic presidential campaign in late April, the former vice president came out of the gate with a busy schedule, holding events in all four of the states that kick off the primary and caucus calendar, as well as stops in California. And Biden started and closed that campaign swing with speeches in his native Pennsylvania, which is also a crucial general election battleground state,” reports Fox News.

“But Biden hasn’t held a public campaign event since his large kickoff rally in Philadelphia on May 18. Since then, he’s only headlined a top-dollar fundraiser in Nashville, Tenn., and two more in Florida,” adds the article.

“Joe Biden has no public events scheduled,” read a release from his campaign.

The former Vice President now enjoys a double-digit lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders according to recent polls.

Read the full report at Fox News.

NEW RADICALS: Joe Biden Says He’s ‘Surprised’ at Liberal Attacks on Barack Obama During Debate

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.01.19

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden weighed-in Thursday on this week’s presidential debates; admitting he was “a little bit surprised” at his own party’s attacks on former President Barack Obama.

“I was a little surprised how much the incoming was about Barack, about the President. I mean I’m proud of having served with him, I’m proud of the job he did. I don’t think there’s anything he has to apologize for,” said Biden.

Most Democratic presidential candidates are now publicly embracing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ once-radical agenda; backing the ‘Green New Deal,’ Medicare for All, and other far-left proposals considered politically impossible just years ago.

“A year after the former bartender shot to prominence with an upset primary win over establishment Democrat Joe Crowley, many of her hard-left campaign planks are now gospel among top 2020 hopefuls,” reports Fox News.

“We must have and adopt a Green New Deal,” Sen. Kamala Harris said during Wednesday night’s debate.

“Further, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., backs a federal jobs guarantee, another plank that AOC’s campaign site endorsed on the basis that ‘anyone who is willing and able to work shouldn’t struggle to find employment,’” adds Fox.

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