posted by Hannity Staff - 11.19.18

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders offered his clearest response yet when pressed on whether he plans on launching another bid for the White House Sunday; confirming he was “seriously considering” running against Donald Trump in 2020.

Sanders was speaking with MSNBC host Al Sharpton when he was asked to comment on the upcoming nomination process for the Democratic party.

Sanders: I'm Seriously Considering Running in 2020

“Twenty-twenty, everyone is talking about this candidate or that candidate. A central question is: Will Bernie Sanders run again?” Sharpton asked.

“And the answer is, Al, I will make that decision at the appropriate time. I will be honest with you, you’re a friend, you know, we’re looking at it. But it is … a decision that impacts your family. And I want to make sure that when I make that decision, if I decide to run, that I have concluded, in fact, that I am the strongest candidate who can defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said.

“You’re not ruling it out; you’re saying you’re seriously considering it?” Sharpton asked.

“That is correct,” Sanders fired-back.