AOC: US ‘Infected’ with ‘Virus’ of White Supremacy, ‘Disease Lays Dormant,’ Nation ‘Not Inoculated’

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.08.19

Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed-in Wednesday night on “white supremacy” in America; calling the ideology a “virus” behind “segregation and mass incarceration.”

“There is a difference between white supremacists & white supremacy. White supremacy is like a virus. Supremacists are those who have been completely overcome by the disease, but supremacy – the virus – exists on a larger scale beyond just the infected. It also lays dormant,” posted AOC on Twitter. White supremacy is often subconscious. & Clearly, our nation has not been inoculated. WS is our nation’s original sin; the driving logic of slavery, of Native genocide, of Jim Crow, of segregation, of mass incarceration, of “Send Her Back.” It never went away. It was just dormant.”

“Healing ourselves of white supremacy will be hard. It will be hard because it requires us to confront *ourselves.* We wish it was as simple as denouncing a white hood, a burnt cross, vile language. But we need to address where supremacy *begins,* not just where it ends,” she added.

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