'WOKE GARBAGE': Clay Travis Destroys Anti-American ESPN Article, Awful, Pathetic and Racist'

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.05.22
ESPN hates America on July 4th, loves woke columnist arrested for choking his wife.
For the sports outlet the 4th of July represents a time to roll out woke arguments claiming America is evil.
It’s July 4th, a day when Americans from all different backgrounds take a day to celebrate our good fortune to all live in the greatest country in the history of the world.

Unless, that is, you work at ESPN, when July 4th represents an opportunity for you to trot out a woke albatross of a column on the front page of your site arguing that America is awful.

I haven’t been writing as much at Outkick of late because I’m working on a new book, but today’s ESPN July 4th column was such a perfect distillation of everything wrong with sports in America — and ESPN in particular — that I couldn’t resist sitting down and writing this column before I head out to the beach with my kids.

Before I systematically destruct today’s woke ESPN column, some background: this column was written by Howard Bryant, a man currently being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to opine on sports for ESPN, despite having no discernible talent whatsoever. That’s fine, it’s a testament to the greatness of American exceptionalism that no talent chumps like Bryant can make a boat load of money in sports media despite having no ability in writing, radio or TV.

But while Bryant’s fealty to woke politics is all too common at ESPN, Bryant is unique in one way: he’s been previously arrested for assaulting his wife in public, in front of his six year old son no less, and also charged with assaulting a police officer who arrived to protect his wife, after he was observed choking her in public. Bryant, a black man married to a white woman he was accused of choking in public, initially offered as his defense that racism was to blame for his arrest before pleading the charges down to six months of probation. Nevertheless you’d think someone making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year despite (allegedly) choking his wife and attacking a police officer and pleading down the charges with six months probation, might be inclined to think America is an incredibly forgiving place. After all, does Disney employ that many (alleged) wife and police assaulters? Not to my knowledge.

But, alas, despite the forgiving nature of a country that has made a woke imbecile like Bryant fairly wealthy compared to the average American, Bryant flails away impotently for thousands and thousands of words without ever managing to strike any target, before collapsing in a final spasm of incompetence.

We will return to these facts in a moment. But first, let’s begin at the top of ESPN.com. The tagline at the top of ESPN.com is “Serving sports fans. Anytime. Anywhere.” That’s not my tagline, that’s their own. That’s the reason they exist, their statement of purpose. As you read this systemic destruction of this woke garbage ESPN published on July 4th, I want you to ask yourself: how does this piece serve sports fans in any way?

Okay, now to the column, which is titled: “Baseball, barbecue and losing freedom this Fourth of July.”

Read the full column below:

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