WATCH: Actor Jim Caviezel’s New Role Highlights Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.21.20

Actor Jim Caviezel -who previously portrayed Jesus of Nazareth in ‘The Passion of the Christ’- is embracing a new role; this time highlighting the persecution of Christians across the Middle East.

“What is the goal of this film?” asked Fox News.

“The goal is to bring the attention to a lot of Americans to the Christian persecution going on in countries like Iran and China. People have taken their faith for granted here in the United States. But now we can’t go to churches during the pandemic, which is Unconstitutional, we need to start standing up,” said Caviezel.

“Jesus says ‘Do not be afraid, I go before you always,’” he added. “This could cost me my life, but that’s the whole message of the Gospels.”

Watch Caviezel on Fox News above.

CHRISTIANITY CRACKDOWN: China Removes Religious Symbols, Replaces with COMMUNIST PAINTINGS

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.15.18

China’s communist government is cracking down on Christianity and other “western religions” throughout the country, removing iconic symbols and replacing them with paintings of President Xi Jinping.

According to the Sun, the regime’s new restrictions on Christianity include banning children from attending various churches, reducing the number of bibles within the country, and including communist ideology in sermons and teachings.

“China has taken extreme measures to wipe out all traces of Christianity in the country, by tearing down posters of Jesus and replacing them with images of President Xi Jinping,” writes the Sun. “The country’s ruling Communist party has chosen to eradicate the faith amongst its 1.38 billion residents, going as far as banning children from visiting churches.”

Last April, the nation’s Religious Affairs Department issued new guidelines for all religious services within the country, saying only communist-inspired churches “can obtain God’s love.”

Read the full story here.

'Let There Be Light' Hits Theaters TODAY!

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.11.17

The highly-anticipated faith-based drama “Let There Be Light,” hits theaters October 27th, starring Kevin Sorbo and executive produced by Sean Hannity. The touching film depicts the story of a self-described atheist whose near-death experience challenges his deeply held convictions about faith, family, and love.

After losing his young son to cancer, Dr. Sol Harkens has dedicated his life to the cause of atheism. As a best-selling author and a celebrity debater, he has managed to parlay his attacks on Christianity into a very lucrative business. But even with all the fame and success, Sol is empty and distraught on the inside and his increasing reliance on alcohol to numb the pain is only making things worse.

Sol’s self-destructive habits eventually catch up to him and a serious car-crash leaves him clinically dead for four minutes before he is finally resuscitated. It’s a miracle that he’s still alive, but what really changes Sol’s outlook on life is what happens during those four minutes. It’s a four-word message that refuses to let him go despite his best efforts to deny it.

“Liberal Hollywood has increasingly moved the bar, making simple and honest films with solid faith and family values harder to find,” Hannity told Variety in July.

“I felt compelled to start bringing quality films to the millions of forgotten Americans who want to see more of these heart-warming and entertaining stories that reflect our Judeo-Christian, all-American values,” he added. “I’ve been honored to work with true talent like Kevin Sorbo, and I’m very proud of ‘Let There Be Light.'”

Don’t miss out: pick up your tickets here.

Find your nearest theater HERE.

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