VENEZUELA CRUMBLING: US Officials Say Maduro HOARDING FOOD, MONEY from Starving Citizens

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.11.18

US officials unloaded on Venezuela’s socialist President during high-level UN meetings this week; directly accusing Nicolas Maduro of stealing money from the nation’s oil program and food from his starving citizens.

U.S. Treasury Assistant Secretary Marshall Billingslea slammed the left-wing leader during a meeting of the UN Security Council; saying Maduro and his wife “have laid low a once great nation and impoverished millions.”

“Something is very wrong when citizens of an oil-rich country have to leave in order to beg on Colombian streets to feed their children,” added US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. “That something is the corruption of the Maduro regime.”

Billingslea said the nation’s collapsing economy has led senior officials to sell high-end goods on the black market for “personal enrichment.”

“The valuable products are then sold on the black market at high profit margins for officials’ personal enrichment,” he said. “For example, an investigation by Venezuela’s democratically elected National Assembly uncovered instances where the regime spent $42 for a box of food when the food items in the box cost less than $13. Maduro’s inner circle kept the difference, which amounted to over $200 million in just one particular order.”

Read the full story at Fox News.

PARADISE LOST: Inflation Nears 1,000,000% in Venezuela, Eggs Cost 2 WEEKS PAY

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.02.18

The economic crisis engulfing Venezuela reached new heights this week, with the nation’s currency seeing inflation rates nearing 1,000,000% as the socialist government struggles to contain the economic collapse.

According to the Washington Post, the Venezuelan Bolivar plunged in foreign exchange rates as the price of a dozen eggs reached 2,600,000 Bolivares in local supermarkets and shops.

“This week, for instance, the price of a dozen eggs topped 2.6 million bolívares — equal to two weeks’ pay at the minimum wage. But for a Venezuelan who can exchange dollars at the black market rate, those same eggs are a relative bargain, costing only 60 cents,” writes the Post.

“I never feel clean anymore,” said one citizen. “We’re hungry most of the time. I don’t think things will get better.”

Just this week, socialist president Nicolas Maduro admitted his government’s economic policies have totally “failed,” vowing to implement new guidelines to stabilize the crumbling currency.

Read the full report here.

PARADISE LOST: Venezuela Cuts PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY as Resources Dwindle

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.15.18

Venezuela’s crumbling economy and crippling resource shortages reached new heights this week, with the socialist government “cutting” water supplies as the country’s currency crisis soared to over 1,000,000% inflation.

According to Reuters, the nation’s hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes have started closing shower facilities, public water taps, and sanitation equipment as residents struggle to find adequate food and drinkable water.

“I have gone to the operation bloc and opened the tap to wash my hands, as you must do before a surgery, and nothing comes out,” said one doctor.

“Water cuts are the latest addition to a long list of woes for Venezuelans hurting from a fifth year of an economic crisis that has sparked malnutrition, hyperinflation and emigration,” writes Reuters.

“For many years this deterioration process was not noticeable. But now the water transport systems are very damaged,” said an industry insider responsible for the capital’s water supply.

Read the full story here.

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