Trump Jr. Blasts 'The View' Hosts for Joy Behar's 'Blackface' and Whoopi's Comments on Polanski

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.08.19

Donald Trump Jr. sat-down for a highly-contentious interview with ABC’s The View this week; unloading on hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg for their non-stop attacks on President Trump while ignoring positive economic news.

“Let’s talk about bringing discourse down. Joy, you’ve worn blackface. Whoopi, you said that Roman Polanski, it wasn’t rape-tape, when he raped a child. So, let’s talk about serious things,” said Trump Jr.

“My father has been working tirelessly to bring back the American dream, he’s brought jobs back, he’s created unprecedented levels of unemployment numbers for African-Americans, for Hispanic-Americans… I understand that he’s controversial, I also understand that he took on the establishment,” he added.

Watch Trump Jr. on ‘The View’ above.