TRUMP BUMP: The President’s Approval POPS TO 50% as Economy Soars

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.23.18

President Trump’s approval rating continues to rise following his well-received State of the Union address and the wildly popular GOP tax cuts; with new polls showing the Commander-in-Chief’s job performance rating rising to 50%.

The new data from Rasmussen Reports shows that 50% of likely American voters approve of the President’s performance; the highest levels seen since June of last year.

In contrast, former President Barack Obama enjoyed a 45% approval rating at the same time in his presidency.

The poll also shows 34% of Americans “strongly approve” of the President’s performance with 49% disapproving.

The strong results come after months of GOP successes and Democratic failures; with the Republican party passing significant tax cuts and liberal legislators taking the heat for a disastrous government shutdown over DACA.

The data also shows the President’s approval is largely tied to the US economic recovery; with Americans feeling the benefits of higher wages and yearly bonuses after Trump signed the sweeping tax overhaul into law.