TRUDEAU TURNS: Trudeau Slams Trump’s Tariffs, Retaliates with US TAX

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.31.18

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lashed-out at President Trump Thursday just hours after he announced new tariffs on foreign steel, saying his nation was prepared to announce “retaliatory” tariffs on American goods.

Trudeau addressed the nation in a formal address Thursday, calling Trump’s tariff’s “totally unacceptable” and a violation of over 150 years of trade and military cooperation.

Justin Trudeau Announces Retaliatory Trade Tariffs on the United States

“Today we found ourselves the target of punitive targets on Canadian aluminum and steel… Let me be clear these tariffs are totally unacceptable. For 150 years Canada has been the United States’ most steadfast ally,” said Trudeau.

“The numbers are clear, the United States has a $2 billion trade surplus in steel trade with Canada,” he added. “That Canada could be considered a national security threat to the United States is inconceivable.”

Watch Trudeau’s comments above.