THIS IS CNN: Network Anchor Calls on Politicians to ‘STAND UP’ to NRA

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.28.18

A major anchor at CNN found herself in hot-water Wednesday morning after she publicly encouraged politicians and average Americans to “stand up” to the National Rifle Association; going so far as to praise a major sporting goods retailer after their decision to stop selling “assault-style weapons.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett posted her “impartial” and “balanced” message on social media after Dick’s Sporting Goods announced their new gun guidelines; refusing to sell AR-15-style firearms and raising the minimum age for all purchases to 21.

“Politicians may lack courage to stand up to NRA. But Dick’s Sporting Goods, USA’s largest sporting goods retailer, will stop selling assault-style weapons and raise minimum age for all gun sales to 21,” she tweeted.

Burnett’s biased comments were called-out on social media within minutes, with the editor of the Washington Free Beacon sarcastically writing, “CNN hosts are not taking sides on this issue at all.”

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