TAPPED OUT: Tijuana Mayor Says City Can’t Cope with $30,000 PER DAY Bill for ‘Migrant Caravan’

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.28.18

The Mayor of Tijuana Juan Manuel Gastelum said his city is rapidly running out of funds to support the massive number of migrants arriving in the region daily; confirming his coffers will likely run dry by Friday evening.

“Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum revealed Tuesday the city only has enough resources to assist the crowds for a few more days. The city’s treasurer, Ricardo Chavarria, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that Tijuana has been spending around $30,000 a day on the caravan arrivals,” writes Fox News.

“We won’t compromise the resources of the residents of Tijuana,” Gastelum said during a press conference. “We won’t raise taxes tomorrow to pay for today’s problem.”

The Central American migrants are mostly located at a sports complex just outside the US-Mexico border; consisting of approximately 6,000 individuals hoping to enter the United States.

“Prepare ourselves to assume that a good part of them are going to be in this area of Mexico for the coming months,” said a senior Mexican official.

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