SYRIA CHEMICAL SURVIVOR: ‘Bad Days’ of Barack Obama are ‘OVER’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.17.18

A Syrian refugee who survived a 2013 chemical weapons attack thanked President Trump this week for striking Bashar al-Assad’s brutal regime; adding that the “bad days” of Obama’s “inaction are over.”

Kassem Eid praised the President’s harsh response to last weekend’s deadly chemical attack during an interview with Fox News; saying the President had a “big heart” after he struck Assad’s regime following the death of at least 40 civilians near Damascus.

“U.S. strikes against Assad meant the world to us, because it showed us that the United States actually cares and the bad days of Obama’s inaction are over, hopefully forever,” Eid said.

“We wish that President Trump will double down on his action and go and bomb ‘Animal Assad’ back to the zoo,” he added.

Watch the refugee’s comments above.