SUPREME SHOWDOWN: Judges Likely to SIDE WITH TRUMP on ‘Travel Ban’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.25.18

The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday regarding the President’s revised immigration guidelines, with those in attendance claiming the judges seemed likely to rule in favor of the so-called ‘travel ban.’

“The Trump administration enjoyed a favorable reception Wednesday from the Supreme Court’s conservative majority in the first significant legal test of this president’s policies and power, as the justices reviewed the high-stakes challenge to the so-called travel ban,” writes Fox News.

The travel proposal effectively halts entry into the United States from specific nations over a host of security concerns. Critics claim the ban is “tainted” by anti-Muslim religious bias, while proponents say the President is within his rights to help protect US citizens from foreign threats.

“That does not look at all like a Muslim ban,” said conservative Justice Samuel Alito; adding that of the approximately 50 Muslim-majority nations, only five were on the President’s list.

BIAS ALERT: Mueller's No. 2 SECRETLY SLAMMED Trump's Travel Ban

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.17

A senior-level prosecutor now serving as a Deputy to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia-Trump investigation found himself in hot-water on Tuesday, following reports he praised acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she publicly defied President Trump’s travel ban last January, reports Fox News.

The correspondence, obtained by government watch-dog agency Judicial Watch, shows that Andrew Weissmann emailed Yates in late January with the subject line, “I am so proud.”

“And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects,” the email continued.

Sally Yates was publicly fired by President Trump after she refused to enforce his executive order regarding immigration and refugees from specific countries around the world.

The news follows another revelation that a senior investigator inside the special counsel’s office was demoted earlier this year for his “anti-Trump bias;” being relocated to the Human Resources Department at the FBI after his “unprofessional” text exchanges were reviewed by Mueller’s team.

“Andrew Weisman, a key prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s team, praised Obama DOJ holdover Sally Yates after she lawlessly thwarted President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“How much more evidence do we need that the Mueller operation has been irredeemably compromised by anti-Trump partisans?” he asked.

SUPREME SHOWDOWN: Supreme Court to Hear ‘TRAVEL BAN’ Case This Week

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.23.18

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to hear arguments this week regarding President Trump’s decision to restrict entry into the US for visitors from specific countries; setting the stage for a major legal showdown over a central issue of his administration.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the nation’s highest court will rule on whether the President’s decision to restrict travelers from specific nations was “tainted by religious bias” or falls within his executive authority to protect US citizens from foreign threats.

“One is the question of when the executive can free itself from the taint of earlier remarks or earlier actions, because if you pretend there were no campaign promises of a Muslim ban and there was no Version 1.0 of a travel ban, the administration’s position looks a lot better,” said a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lower courts blocked the President’s executive order within days of his so-called “travel ban,” accusing the administration of blatant anti-Muslim bias and “racism” over the revised guidelines.

The Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision by June.

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