Sean Hannity Radio Recap: Mar 12

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.12.20


4:05 PM ET – Dr. Marc Siegel, is a Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, a Medical Director of Doctor Radio at NYU and SiriusXM, and a Fox News Medical Correspondent and Betsy McCaughey, PhD. a former lieutenant governor of New York, is chairwoman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

From Betsy’s article in the NY Post yesterday:

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that in ­Korea, no one under 30 has died from coronavirus. In Japan, no one under 50. Our children ­appear safe. That’s a blessing.

But there are serious concerns. Doctors at Johns Hopkins University are cautioning that hospitals could become “disease amplifiers.” If you don’t have coronavirus before you go into the hospital, the risk is you will get it while you are there.

The CDC is warning that the outbreak is only beginning, and “there’s a good chance many will become sick.”

No one knows how many will need hospital care. But hospitals in New York and across the nation expect to be overwhelmed. The impact will be “severe in the best of circumstances,” warns the Johns Hopkins report.

To make room for the infected, hospitals are already ­devising emergency strategies that include discharging other patients sooner than usual, converting single rooms into doubles, creating makeshift isolation facilities, buying nearby motels and even erecting temporary wards in parking lots.
Surgeons are alerting patients that elective procedures may have to be canceled.

4:30 PM ET – Jeff Lord, Associate Political Director in the administration of former United States President Ronald Reagan, and author of Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and the New American Populism vs. The Old Order is one of those being monitored for the Coronavirus after being a part of CPAC 2020. He has self quarantined amid the calls for extra precaution for those at CPAC. His article on the whole experience:

With that, I thought the best thing to do since this was now going public was to simply do the obvious – self-quarantine for the final week of the two weeks from date of contact recommended by health officials. So, thankfully all shopped up, I have hunkered down for this last week. The news comes as well that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in the same situation and is doing his self-quarantine time at his home in Texas.

What to learn here? Common sense and caution are always good. Panic and mass hysteria are not. In point of fact, this too shall pass. And oh yes…I feel perfectly fine.

The most egregious problem here is those quarters of the Leftist State Media covering this story and trying to turn this into one more weaponized method to strike at a president they detest. They could care less about how many Americans they freak out and scare – needlessly and with political intent. As seen herein, to give but one example, The New York Times and its disgraceful “Trumpvirus” column.

Which is another way of saying that the most serious virus spread across certain sections of America isn’t the coronavirus at all.

The most serious virus out there is called Trump Derangement Syndrome. From which, sadly, there is no way to quarantine oneself.

5:05 PM ET – Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Legal Analyst and author of Witch Hunt, and John Solomon of Just the News, who is also a Fox News Contributor, are here to take a close look at the Deep State, that has the ability to slip under the radar right now with everyone’s attention elsewhere. From John’s report on the Mueller collusion case:

The piecemeal release of FBI files in the Russia collusion investigation has masked an essential fact: James Comey’s G-men had substantially debunked the theory that Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Moscow by the time the 45th president was settling into the Oval Office, according to declassified memos, court filings and interviews.

And that means a nascent presidency and an entire nation were put through two more years of lacerating debate over an issue that was mostly resolved in January 2017 inside the bureau’s own evidence files. The proof is now sitting in plain view.

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