Sean Hannity Radio Recap: Jun 14

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.14.19


4:05 PM ET – Carter Page, former foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump and businessman and target of the Mueller gang, discusses the pending FISA developments, the IG report and the promise of indictments from the AG Bill Barr. Soon the investigation of the investigators will unravel the corruption that Comey created and the minions who helped him to keep it going. The effects these people like James Baker, Jim Comey, and John Brennan have been criminal and it’s time the interviews stopped for them and the jail time began. The abuse of power they discuss is nothing but projection of their own actions and behaviors.
Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page told FNC’s Maria Bartiromo today on “Sunday Morning Futures” that he was an information source for the State Department, FBI, and CIA for years before he became a subject of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“I was asked various questions, not only by State, FBI, etc, but also the CIA,” he said. “I had a long-standing relationship with the CIA going back decades essentially, and I was always very transparent, open.”

“I had a longstanding relationship with the CIA, going back decades, essentially,” Page said. “I was always very transparent, open.” (H/T Real Clear)

4:30 PM ET – Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona is a freedom caucus member, and a staunch supporter of protecting American citizens. Biggs was outraged by the usage of John Dean this past week and how corrupt the Democrats are for using a felon to communicate their message.

If you thought that the theater of the absurd that is the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee couldn’t be more farcical, you were wrong. At least absurdist theater has a serious component and attempts to provoke introspection.

Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and his minions are so determined to impeach President Trump that they are resorting to vaudevillian comedic gimmicks by bringing in none other than convicted felon and Watergate mastermind John Dean to testify on Monday afternoon.

For any who can’t remember or never heard of John Dean, which is most of America, he was convicted of obstruction of justice in the early 1970s during Watergate.

Think of the determination of my Democrat colleagues. House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, D-Mich., decided that the foundational first witness to lay the groundwork for impeachment would be someone who had already been convicted of lying to Congress — Michael Cohen.

Cohen’s testimony went over so well that Cummings’ buddy, Chairman Jerry Nadler, decided that hearing from another convicted felon is just the spark needed to recharge his flagging impeachment investigation of President Trump.

5:05 PM ET – Mark Levin, author, constitutional lawyer, radio and TV host has a new book out. Mark is always discussing the divisive political climate, and addresses much of it in his new book, Unfreedom of the Press. Today he takes major issue with Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief fake news expert, and author of a book that spreads more lies than information. Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times, had a great column on this today:

But the real corruption, the real crime, the real collusion between the Democratic Party and Russia has actually occurred since Mr. Trump was legitimately sworn into office.

For more than two years now, Democrats have known that the fake Kremlin dirt on Mr. Trump is completely bogus — yet they have continued to use it in relentless pursuit of Mr. Trump and now they are openly talking about removing him from office over it.
Yes, the collusion continues! The collusion between Democrats and the Kremlin and now between the Democrats and leftist crazies in the media like CNN’s Jimmy Acosta.

There is actually another name for this. It is called an “attempted coup” of a duly elected president. And it was all orchestrated by the Kremlin, using the Democrats and political media in America as their useful — and treasonous — idiots.

5:30 PM ET – The Fallen Officers segment follows our Friday Music Free for All. This segment highlights police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice and the families they leave behind to carry on their legacy.
Joining us today is the founder of this organization, Rosemary Zore, Jay McKinley Novacek who is a former American football tight end in the National Football League who played for the St. Louis/Phoenix Cardinals (1985–1989) and the Dallas Cowboys (1990–1995). Novacek was a five-time Pro Bowler, who was selected to play each year from 1991 through 1995. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008, and Fort Worth police office Ralph Salazar.

They have already had one Blue Bowl Flag Football Tournament for officer (Adam Jobbers-Miller) who was killed in Fort Myers FL, and now they are doing one June 15, 2019 in Fort Worth Texas for Corporal Garrett Hull who was killed last year and July 27 in Mobile Alabama for Officer Sean Tuder.

August 3, 2019 they will have another in Ventura County California for SGT. Ron Helus. This organization is doing everything it can to unite the community with law enforcement and gain respect back once again. They bring in former and current NFL players and unite the community around a game everyone loves. Their goal is always “Remembering their sacrifices and honoring their families”.

The Garrett Hull Blue Bowl is Tomorrow June 15, 2019.
Sean Tuder Blue Bowl is July 27, 2019 Mobile Alabama.
Sgt Ron Helus Blue Bowl August 18, 2019 Ventura California.

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