Sean Hannity Radio Recap: Dec 17

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.17.19


4:05 PM ET – John Solomon, Fox News Contributor, and Investigative Reporter has a story out today that once again highlights the nefarious business dealings of Hunter Biden and the complete disregard for the law by the Biden family. From John’s article about what he uncovered:

By mid-March 2016, State’s top official for Ukraine policy publicly called for Shokin’s ouster, and less than three weeks later Joe Biden managed to force Ukraine’s president to fire Shokin by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees.

Almost immediately, Burisma’s American legal team was in Ukraine seeking to meet with Shokin’s replacement at the Ukraine prosecutor general’s office.
A summary of an April 6, 2016 meeting between Burisma representatives and Ukraine prosecutors – released by the Prosecutor General’s Office – states “false information” was used to justify Shokin’s firing.

Whatever the case, the corruption investigations were dropped in late 2016 and early 2017, and Burisma paid a penalty for tax issues.
But early in 2019, NABU and the Ukraine prosecutor general’s office announced they were reopening the investigation into Burisma, specifically to revisit the allegations about money laundering, according to the notice of suspicion released by prosecutors in that country. You can read NABU’s request to reopen the probe here.

5:05 PM ET – John McLaughlin, Pollster and Strategist and Syndicated Columnist, Attorney and Pollster, Matt Towery are here to discuss the polls, the left wing madness and the effect the impeachment efforts have had on the voters. Matt Towery has just completed a poll exclusively for the show to take the temperature of voters in the Georgia region. Both the media and our elected representatives seem to have forgotten their positions on impeachment in the 1990’s when it concerned the democrats:

In recent days, journalists have mocked Republicans who’ve switched from impeachment advocates in the 1990s to impeachment foes today. But the news media have undergone a similar metamorphosis. The difference is, Republicans (and Democrats) are understood to be political partisans, while the media are ostensibly supposed to be non-partisan. But the record on impeachment shows that journalists are just as partisan as the politicians they cover.
Now, the news media are enthusiastically champions of the Democrats’ impeachment push against President Donald Trump, donating dozens of hours of free airtime to the cause. There’s no disguising their agenda: network news analysts have applauded the anti-Trump effort as “exactly what the Framers contemplated” when they devised impeachment, while one of CNN’s prime time hosts insisted that any Republicans who don’t join with Democrats in pushing the President out of the White House are “ignoring their oath” of office.

But 21 years ago, the same news media was enraged by the House vote to impeach a Democratic President, casting it as a “legislative coup d’etat” and a hateful act from “infuriated” Republicans who wished only to “torture” President Bill Clinton. Journalists warned then that impeachment would lead to the “sham” and “spectacle” of a Senate trial where acquittal was all-but-certain. Republicans, they threatened, would be the real victims of a potential public “backlash.” (H/T Newsbusters)

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