Radio Show Recap: Jan 17

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.17.18

4:00PM EST – Newt Gingrich, Fox News Contributor, is here to discuss the run-up to the pending shutdown, the discussions surrounding immigration from DACA to the wall, and the faux media outrage over anything Trump. Yesterday’s display of complete lunacy by the liberal left in the MSM during the q & a with the President’s physician was outrageous, it’s no wonder the below poll was released:

A new study on the news media in the United States, released on Tuesday by Gallup and the Knight Foundation, finds many familiar if unsettling trends: Americans have a negative view of the media, believe coverage is more biased than ever and are sharply divided in their views along partisan lines.

Those findings reflect continuations of longstanding trends. One finding, though, was unique to the Trump era: Americans are so polarized that they cannot even agree on the definition of “fake news.”

Democrats, the study found, hew more closely to the original definition of the phrase that emerged after the 2016 election, referring to fabricated news stories that are intended to deceive.

Republicans, on the other hand, are more likely to have also adopted the meaning that President Donald Trump has ascribed to the term, which he often tags on stories that he dislikes, regardless of whether or not they are factual. (h/t Politico)

4:30PM EST – Freedom Caucus Member and Co-Founder, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, wrote an op-ed for Newsmax yesterday. He pointed out the 18 most important questions related to the FBI and Department of Justice investigations. Today Sean’s take a closer look at these issues with the Congressman. Here is an example of some of the questions:

8) When and how did the FBI learn DOJ lawyer Bruce Orr’s wife, Nellie Orr, worked for Fusion GPS? And what exactly was Nellie Orr’s role in putting together the dossier?

9) Why did the FBI release text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? Normally, ongoing investigation is the reason not to make such information public.

10) And why did FBI release only 375 of 10,000 text messages? Were they the best? Worst? Or part of a broader strategy to focus attention away from something else? And when can Americans see the other 96 percent of the texts?

11) Why did Lisa Page leave special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe two weeks before Peter Strzok? This was two weeks before FBI and special counsel even knew about the texts

5:00PM EST – Sara Carter, Fox News Contributor and Investigative Journalist and Freedom Caucus Member Representative, Ron DeSantis, who is now running for the office of Governor of Florida, are here to discuss new developments in the bought and paid for Steele dossier. Sara has been able to confirm that a Clinton family confidant colluded to exploit and promote aspects of the dossier intended to hurt President Trump during the Presidential election.

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