SEE YA! Women’s March Organizer ARRESTED Outside Paul Ryan’s Office

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.07.18

The hyper-liberal co-chair of the Women’s March organization was arrested at the US Capitol this week; creating chaos and disorder just outside Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s offices over Congress’s inability to pass a permanent solution on DACA.

According to MSN, prominent Muslim-American activist Linda Sarsour was arrested alongside Zahra Billoo, Omar Suleiman, Dawud Walid, Talib Shareef, Nihad Awad, and Mujahid Fletcher for self-described “civil disobedience.”

“We don’t want to live based on fear. We want to live according to the principles of freedom of speech, of religion,” said Fletcher.

“Almighty Allah has told us to stand for justice. We are not weak in faith and we are here for a mobilization,” added Shareef. “We stand here in the spirit of Malcolm X with the people who are affected by these policies.”

Sarsour and her allies claim they wished to speak with Rep. Ryan as President Trump’s March 5th deadline came and went with no solution in sight to settle the fate of ‘Dreamers’ currently residing in the country.

The Women’s March organization is already under fire over recent revelations that another co-chair was in attendance during Louis Farrakhan’s hate-filled anti-Semitic speech; with the Nation of Islam Leader railing against the ‘Satanic Jew’ for nearly three hours.