SECRETARY OF SQUIRM: Mayorkas Visibly Uncomfortable With Rand Paul's Laken Riley Questions [WATCH]

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.18.24

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee for a hearing on Thursday — and it wasn’t long before GOP Senators asked the Secretary tough questions about Laken Riley’s murder.

Riley was murdered by an illegal Venezuelan migrant last month after her killer, Jose Ibarra, was paroled by Customs and Border Protection.

“For what reason was the alleged killer of Laken Riley, Jose Ibarra paroled and allowed to come into this country?” Paul asked.

“Ranking member Paul, first and foremost, all our hearts break for the family of Miss Riley,” Mayorkas answered. “Secondly, the perpetrator of this heinous criminal act needs to meet justice to the fullest extent of the law, and I will not comment on the particulars of the case because the matter is being prosecuted by authorities now.”

“This isn’t on the case of whether or not he murdered her. This is on the case of why you paroled him,” Paul said. “Why was he paroled?”

Mayorkas did not elaborate on his initial response.

“You’re refusing to answer the question?” Paul asked. “You’re refusing to give any specifics about Jose Ibarra.”

“Ranking member Paul, there are different bases for parole. I am not a legal expert in this regard, but let me assure you that when an individual is encountered at the border and they are deemed to be, at the time of encounter, a threat to public safety or national security, they are a priority for detention,” Mayorkas said. “If not, they receive a notice to appear and are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings. The number of individuals encountered at the border exceed the number of beds available in our detention facilities. That is not something specific to this administration. That is something that has been true.”

Paul also asked Mayorkas why he wouldn’t bring back Donald Trump’s border policies, stating that they worked better than the Biden Administration’s policies.

“I respectfully, ranking member, disagree with the premise of your question,” Mayorkas said.

“I’m just so sickened and sad by the families that have lost loved ones from this,” Paul said. “I don’t see real remorse. I don’t see your willing to answer the questions I mean, if it were me, I would be so upset by this I’ll be doing everything possible to make sure that another Jose Ibarra doesn’t get in. But apparently his brother’s got a rap sheet ten times longer than Jose does.”

“All I can express is disappointment and bewilderment that the Democrats let you get away with it,” Paul concluded.

Watch the clip above. Bonus clip below.

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