SCHUMER: 'Conservative Media' Manufacturing 'CONSPIRACIES' About Mueller

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.17.18

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer trashed the “conservative media” on the floor of the US Senate Thursday, accusing “extreme elements” of manufacturing conspiracy theories to “derail” Mueller’s never-ending investigation.

Schumer aired a laundry list of “conspiracy theories” created by pro-Trump forces to sully the special counsel’s probe, including the Deep State, Uranium One, the Nunes Memo, and more.

Chuck Schumer: Mueller's Anniversary & Conspiracy Theories 5/17/18

“We should all be aghast at the relentless parade of conspiracies manufactured by the most extreme elements of the Republican party and conservative media to distract from the special counsel’s investigation,” said Schumer.

“From Deep State leaks to unmasking requests, phone taps at Trump Tower, Uranium One, the Nunes Memo, these are all attempts to derail a legitimate and important investigation,” he added.

Watch Schumer’s “conspiracy” theories above.