SCHIFF SHOWDOWN: Adam Schiff Says Barr Must Resign, Calls Him ‘Second Most Dangerous Man’ in US

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.03.19

Rep. Adam Schiff demanded Attorney General William Barr’s immediate resignation this week; labeling the senior Trump aide the “second most dangerous man in the country.”

Schiff published a scathing op-ed in USA Today Friday directly accusing Barr of “misleading the country” after he declined to indict President Trump of obstructing justice.

“William Barr should resign,” writes Schiff. “The public servants there and in similar offices around the country deserve an attorney general who shares their abiding commitment to the rule of law, demonstrates strength and independence, speaks truth to power and represents no one person, but all Americans.”

“That makes Bill Barr the second most dangerous man in the country. It also renders him grossly unfit for office,” he adds.

Read Schiff’s full op-ed here.