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ROVE ON HANNITY: Barr Report Just the Beginning, Dems Will Continue Mueller Madness ‘For Months’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.18.19

Republican strategist Karl Rove spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night to weigh-in on the Attorney General’s final report; saying Congressional Democrats will continue their Mueller-obsession for months to come.

“You’ve been through a special counsel yourself… Now that we have the exact words that say ‘no collusion,’ what’s next for them?” asked Hannity.

“This is the beginning of the next chapter. I think it’s going to be focusing on the entire document, that’s going to lead to charges that he obstructed justice, then it’s going to be months of demanding the unredacted copy of the report,” said Rove.

“People like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler will be calling for the immediate release of everything,” he added.

Watch Karl Rove on ‘Hannity’ above.