ROSENSTEIN’S REFUSAL: Deputy AG Says ‘No Good Reason’ to FIRE Robert Mueller

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.13.17

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pushed back against a growing chorus of GOP lawmakers calling for the removal of Robert Mueller after multiple reports of anti-Trump bias throughout his office, saying there was “no good reason” to replace the special counsel.

“And you see no good cause so far?”

Rosenstein was speaking with the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday where he faced tough questions regarding numerous scandals surrounding Mueller’s investigation of Russian election interference.

“Have you seen good cause to fire special counsel Mueller?” asked Democratic congressman Jerrold Nadler.

“No,” Rosenstein replied.

“If you were ordered today to fire Mr. Mueller, what would you do?” pressed Nadler.

“I would follow the regulation. If there were good cause I would act, if there were no good cause I would not,” said Rosenstein.

“And you see no good cause so far?” asked the New York Democrat.

“Correct,” added the Deputy Attorney General.

Watch Rosenstein’s response above.