REVERSAL: CDC Removes Guidelines Saying Coronavirus Can Spread From Tiny Air Particles

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.21.20

As flu season quickly approaches, the fear of combatting two ultra-contagious viruses simultaneously is rising. Yet, how will we handle the double-hitter if the Center for Disease Control is still unsure about COVID-19?

The CDC has pulled its updated guidance that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the air and can travel beyond 6 feet, claiming that a “draft version” was mistakenly posted on its website.

“It is possible that COVID-19 may spread through the droplets and airborne particles that are formed when a person who has COVID-19 coughs, sneezes, sings, talks or breathes,” the CDC said in an update posted Friday.

For months, the CDC has said that the disease is mainly transmitted between people in close proximity through the transfer of large droplets; however, last week they stated that tiny particles, known as aerosols, could transmit the virus, according to the New York Post.

To make matters worse, after adding this key information last week, the agency reversed, claiming it to be an error. The agency is rigorously working on updating its recommendations about airborne transmission of the deadly virus, and “once this process has been completed, the updated language will be posted,” a CDC spokesman told the New York Post.

This mistake further fuels concern that the CDC is facing increased pressure from the White House to encourage the reopening of schools and businesses, as well as to reduce testing. Schools around the country remain closed, forcing students to participate in remote learning, which continues to be a widely debated topic in Washington.

“I think the statement on airborne transmission that was briefly available on the CDC website was correct,” said Linsey Marr, a Virginia Tech professor and expert on airborne transmission of viruses, via the New York Post. “I hope that they are just refining the language and that they’re planning to put it back up there.”

Because much of the details of the virus remain unknown, it is difficult to advise the population on the best ways to avoid transmission. This is not the first time the CDC has reversed a previously made recommendation. Last week, the CDC reversed the recommendation that anyone in close contact with a positive coronavirus patient doesn’t have to get tested, so long as they are asymptomatic.

As we head into the colder months and the uncharted territory of flu season mixed with a global pandemic, the CDC will be faced with a whole new set of challenges.

EXIT PLAN: Lifelong California Residents ‘Ready to Move’ Following Blackouts, Wildfires, Rat Infestations

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.29.19

Lifelong residents of the Golden State are fleeing California in droves; citing wildfires, rolling blackouts, high taxes, an exploding housing crisis, and increasing crime.

“As Californians on Tuesday were forced to once again confront the dual threats of wildfires and forced blackouts, the apparent new normal is proving to be too much for some residents,” reports Fox News.

“The nation’s largest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Corp., will turn off the power for a third time this year to prevent powerful winds from damaging its equipment, which can lead to a blaze igniting. Up to 605,000 customers — about 1.5 million people — in 29 Northern California counties will be affected by this latest round of power cuts starting Tuesday. That means people who had the power go out Saturday and were still just getting the lights back on Monday are now faced with the prospect of being in the dark again for several days,” adds Fox.

“If I had the money I would move from California tomorrow,” said a lifelong resident. “Tomorrow.”

“I’m concerned about my refrigerator and freezer. I’ve got a lot of food in there,” he told KTVU. “I’m on a fixed income. How am I going to replace it?”

Read the full report at Fox News.

Original Story: September 9, 2019

Doctors fear the recent rat-infestation sweeping Los Angeles may pose a greater health risk than just Typhus; saying a new “plague” of Leprosy -a disease prominent during the Dark Ages- could re-emerge in homeless campsites.

“Diseases are reemerging in some parts of America, including Los Angeles County, that we haven’t commonly seen since the Middle Ages. One of those is typhus,” reports The Hill. “I also believe that homeless areas are at risk for the reemergence of another deadly ancient disease — leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease. Leprosy involves a mycobacteria (tuberculosis is another mycobacteria) that is very difficult to transmit and very easy to treat with a cocktail of three antibiotics.”

“And it seems only a matter of time before leprosy could take hold among the homeless population in an area such as Los Angeles County, with close to 60,000 homeless people and 75 percent of those lacking even temporary shelter or adequate hygiene and medical treatment. All of those factors make a perfect cauldron for a contagious disease that is transmitted by nasal droplets and respiratory secretions with close repeated contact,” adds the website.

Read the full report at The Hill.

FANCY NANCY: Pelosi Rubs Runny Nose, Smears Bare Hands All Over House Podium While Discussing Coronavirus

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.23.20

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi clearly violated CDC and NIH guidelines Thursday; rubbing her runny nose and smearing her hands across the House podium while discussing the global Coronavirus pandemic.

“We come to the floor with such heartache, with such sorrow about the ones who have lost their lives and their loved ones,” said Pelosi.


Watch Pelosi smear the podium above.

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